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Over 35 years of quality concrete

With 100's of different mix designs to choose from, Lake Pre-Mix is capable of handling whatever your project requires.  Click to see just some of the mix designs and admixtures we carry.

Take a look at some common questions concerning concrete.

Concrete Calculator

Use this handy calculator to figure out how much concrete you need.  Then confirm with us before ordering!

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Ecology Blocks

Lake Pre-Mix carries a wide variety of concrete blocks.  Click to see what we offer!

Click to see the different types of sealants and expansion joints we offer.  Sealants can be applied to both fresh and old concrete.  They protect the concrete, help the concrete cure correctly after placement, and produce a shiny finish.  Expansion joints allow concrete to expand and contract due to freeze-thaw cycles.  Pick them up at our plant, or we will deliver the items with your concrete.

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