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Sustainable Concrete Mixes

Lake Pre-Mix utilizes fly ash in many of our mix designs.  By replacing a small amount of cement with fly ash, the concrete becomes less permeable to water and chemicals.  This produces stronger concrete, while utilizing a more environmentally friendly product.  Call us today to find out what mix design works best for you and your project.  

3/4" and 3/8" Mix Designs

Lake Pre-Mix provides both 3/4" and 3/8" concrete mix designs.  Speak with our staff to find the perfect concrete aggregate for you.

Exposed Mixes

Lake Pre-Mix provides customers with exposed concrete mixes.  These can be specified with 3/4" or 3/8" aggregate.  We can also accommodate jobs requiring pumpable exposed mixes.

Lake Pre-Mix provides integral concrete coloring by Davis.  Click to see color options available, then stop by to pick up a color chart.

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Fibermesh 150 is a synthetic micro fiber that is added to concrete during the mixing process.  Micro fiber reduces plastic shrinkage (small hairline cracks on surface) while also increasing the impact resistance of the slab.  Click to see Fibermesh 150's data sheet.

Novamesh 850 is a metal macro fiber that replaces welded wire and rebar in slabs.  Just as our staff for NM850 and we will pre-mix it at our plant at a rate of 24lbs/yd.  Click to read more.

High Range Water Reducer (HRWRA)

High Range Water reducers are used to increase the slump, (abilitiy of concrete to flow) while keeping concrete strong.  They are added on site and increase the slump of concrete by 3" for over an hour.  If high strength concrete or easy workability are needed, this is the product for you.  Lake Pre-Mix utilizes PS 1466 HRWRA by Master Builders.


Lake Pre-Mix provides accelerants to reduce concrete set time in cold weather.  We utilize a Non Chloride accelerant (NC 534) that is safe to use with rebar.  You can specify anywhere from 1/4% up to 2% accelerant.  We also use hot water to reduce set time in winter.

Xypex is a concrete waterproofing agent that is added into the mixer at our plant.  By using crystalline technology, it creates a waterproof concrete that is excellent for a wide range of applications.  Click to see all the benefits.

Retardant (Delvo)

Lake Pre-Mix carries a retardant to slow down the set time of concrete .  It is an excellent product to use on hot days, when your project is a long way from our plant, or you just need a little more time to work the concrete before it sets.

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